Coaching 1:1 One on one Yoga practices

Do you want to be in control of your destiny?
Do you want to wake up every new day happy and excited about your life?
Do you want to try savor the pleasure and get rid of toxic thoughts?
Do you want to improve your potential and rediscover yourself to shine your best light?
Do you want to increase self-confidence and confidence in others?
Do you want to observe your own life from new points of view?
Do you want to manifest your dreams and feel free?

Choosing 1: 1 couching with individual Yoga practices is the quickest and most efficient way to master awareness and the body-mind-heart connection.

It is the ideal way to explore yourself on a deeper level and develop a better understanding of your physical body, thoughts and personal language towards your heart and emotions. Together we will find the way to make you become the best version of yourself, you will learn how to courageously break out of old patterns to access new opportunities and visions of life.

I will tailor our Yoga sessions to your individual goals, helping you unlock your hidden emotions and fears.

Individual lessons work on the mind and body in a unique way. We will have the opportunity to deepen the understanding of Yoga and its benefits by improving health, reducing stress and increasing one’s connection with the breath. Private lessons are held Live Online, at home, in the office or on request within selected spaces to be defined together.

Individual class in the studio or at home 1 hour:

The practice happens through Zoom and flows according to your personal level, so you will always be followed in the best way.

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