06 - 10 DICEMBER

Imsouane - Morocco

Imsouane is Morocco’s hidden gem, a favorite of the surfing world. When the surfing conditions are perfect it is one of the longest point breaks in the world. We will be hosted in the beautiful lodge The Ō Experience, an old fisherman’s house today a pearl on the magical bay of Imsuoane. We will practice yoga surrounded by nature to connect to the sound of the ocean, caressed by the breath of the wind.

24 - 26 FEBRUARY 2023

Padua - Y40

Yoga practices with focus on Pranayama and body preparation to set up your best freediving experience. We will be in a fresh water pool of thermal origin that flows at 85 ° C and which is cooled down to a temperature of 34 ° C. Inside we swim between freedivers and divers with steps of different depths: 1.30, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 meters. At a depth of 15 meters there is access to the deepest part or a sort of well where the pool reaches 42.15 meters! Don't worry if you have never done freediving, you can stop just where you touch it, but I guarantee you the experience is truly special!

23 - 30 APRIL 2023

Bali - The Cove

The word balian in Balinese means 'healer', making this place the perfect place to rebuild and reconnect. Join me on this journey to one of the most special places in the world for yoga. We will be guests at The Cove Bali a magical villa out of the Balinese chaos on the west coast.Together we will reconnect to our truest essence through yoga, meditation and nutrition, discovering the practices of Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Meditation and in search of our natural state and constant and conscious contact with our body.


South Africa - Hoedspruit

Safari Retreat, the Retreat suitable for those who love nature, its animals and can not wait for sunsets and sunrises without borders. We will travel through the reserve into the wilderness and in search of exciting encounters! We will practice in close contact with nature to fully live the experience.

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