I’m Giada and I teach Vinyasa Yoga, breathing exercises, meditations and much more. I inspire to connect body, breath and movement to the rhythm of your life! For me Yoga is a lifestyle, it is choosing to be part of nature and respecting it. Through the movements, I am able to share my person by working deep inside each individual practitioner and developing the most beautiful energy in him. Start the journey inside your body now, experience yoga practice and controlled movements, let yourself go through meditation: you will learn to connect to your true “I” to face life with a sense of gratitude and awareness. Yoga could really change your life like it did me. You will broaden your knowledge of your body and your senses by reconnecting with the world around you. During the practice you will find new ideas for reflection, sharing and growth.

My experience

I am a recognized and registered RYT Yoga Alliance teacher, with more than 500h of training. Yoga Alliance is the association that certifies teachers who have followed a training path that respects internationally recognized standards. My practice is based on the foundations of Ashtanga Yoga and the Iyengar method. I practice the adjustments according to the teachings of Doug Swenson. I recently finished new studies with Patrick Beach, John Scott. My research and practice does not stop and continues with each trip as the greatest teaching lies in constancy, experimentation and above all in sharing.