29th JULY - 4th AUGUST

Energy Healing Retreat



The Cove - Bali

Energy Healing Retreat, the word Balian in Balinese means “healer.” This time we leave for Bali, this small island has something special that goes far beyond the kind people, the fascinating culture and the spectacular nature. Bali is the spiritual center of the Indonesia. The population is nearly 90 percent Hindu and religion is deeply rooted in the heart of everyday life. Bali is one of the most energetic centers in the world, recognized for spirituality and self-discovery, from yoga to meditation, consciousness and transformation.

In the human body there are 7 main chakras. These chakras are energy centers that keep us healthy and balanced physically, mentally and emotionally. Just as we have our energy centers or chakras, Mother Earth also has her energy vortexes. These vortices are similar to chakra points in that they are places of high energy and transformation.

Bali: an energy vortex

The island of Bali is a vortex of energy which is also the site of the earthly Kundalini energy, formed by its two large Ley Lines that intersect and have great power and energy. This center is thought to purify the blood of the Earth, and thus also in the purification and rejuvenation of our soul and body. Bali is essentially the “World Purification Center“, the place where the planet’s energy is cleaned.

Join me in this spiritual and transformative experience to visit sacred places like the “Tirrta Empul” Water Temple and live a healing session with a Balian healers people with incredible abilities. Healers, osteopaths, fortune-tellers, who will interact with one person at a time and are able to tell her what she should eat, drink. They give massages and thus treat ‘bad karma’.


What is included

  • 6 nights and 7 days stay at The Cove Bali
  • Daily yoga and mediations (different techniques and styles)
  • 3 Workshops
  • Private beach and swimming pool
  • Breakfasts and dinners
  • Drinking water, coffee and tea

Independent motorbike/scooter transportation can be arranged for an additional charge of approximately $10 per day. Arrival and return transportation can be arranged.


What it is not included

  • Flight ticket and traveler’s insurance (recommended)
  • Autonomous ground transport (motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, rental)
  • Cost of tourist visa on arrival (free if staying in Indonesia 30 days or less)
  • Lunches
  • Cost of the airport tax on departure (often included in the price of the air ticket)
  • Transfer from and to the airport (transportation can only be arranged at the cost of the taxi)
  • Personal photo shoots with the retreat photographer (this can be arranged directly with the photographer at their rates)
  • Additional activities, lessons, tours, excursions to those listed above
  • Vaccinations, additional preventive medical needs
  • Soft drinks, fruit juices or alcoholic beverages

Travel tips

Usage of www.skyscanner.com to find the best flight deals!

  • Arrival and departure from Bali International Airport (DPS).
  • Tourist visas on arrival are now FREE (for some countries), only if you stay 30 days or less. If you intend to stay longer than 30 days, please make sure to PAY YOUR TOURIST VISA ON ARRIVAL. Otherwise, you will be forced to leave the country to extend your visa for another 30 days.

Things to remember

  • VALID PASSPORT REQUIRED (minimum 6 months before the expiration date and two blank pages required).
  • Notify your travel bank to avoid credit card complications.
  • Travel insurance is highly recommended.
  • Check with your travel doctor for any vaccinations or preventative measures that might be helpful for this region.

Disclaimer of Liability

  • the total cost is valid for one person
  • if the minimum registrations are not met I reserve the right to cancel the withdrawal 30 days before (deposits will be fully refunded).
  • I am not responsible for lost, stolen or missing items.
  • I am not responsible for airline cancellations, missed flights or transportation problems prior to pickup.
  • the requests in order of booking will be taken care of until exhaustion of places
  • A VALID PASSPORT IS REQUIRED if you are leaving your country
  • all deposits are non-refundable.
  • you have up to 2 months before the withdrawal to request any refunds.
  • travel insurance is NOT included in the pickup price and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for maximum protection.
  • If you don’t specify who your roommate is, we’ll assume you’re open to any guest.
  • You will need to sign and return the Liability Disclaimer and Collection Agreement BEFORE the first day of collection.
  • You will have to pay the full balance of the withdrawal 30 days before the start date, otherwise you will lose the place reserved for you.


By signing up for the trip, you declare that you agree to all the points indicated above (disclaimer). You declare that you are in good health and have no pathologies that limit the practice of Yoga; you declare to be in possession of a certificate of fitness to practice sports; relieve Giada Campanella for any failure to deliver the certificate; you declare to assume, at your own risk and peril, the responsibility for any physical movement related to the proposed practice, in any place that hosts lessons held in the name of Giada Campanella.


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