Group classes create a powerful synergy among all students in the room.

My classes usually follow the Vinyasa Flow, which is a powerful method of execution of traditional Yoga asanas.

Yoga aligns the body and improves strength, energy and flexibility.

The class is continuous flux of positions that allow the balanced alignment of all body parts, and let you reach an elevated degree of mental concentration. Yoga restores internal organs, strengthening joints and ligaments, correcting the alignments of the spine. Thanks to the practice, one develops breathing techniques, with final goal of purifying body and spirit.

My class is a creative derivate of Hatha Yoga and combines the principals of Ashtanga and the teachings of Iyengar. My sequences are always different, they are developed through postures connected together synchronized by the breathing techniques.

Classes range amongst all levels, from beginners to experts.

  • 1 class 15€
  • 5 classes 70€
  • 10 classes 120€
  • 20 classes 220€
  • 30 classes 299€

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