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By choosing the OPEN cards or subscription you will have the opportunity to practice all my physical practices and you will also have access to Live Online.
The cards have unlimited entries and are valid for your registration to the practices.
Credits are valid for both my physical practices and Live Online practices.

Create your own routine, the time you dedicate to yoga is the time you give to yourself.


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Why should we practice?

Group classes create a very powerful synergy between each practitioner.

The style of my practice is vinyasa flow or dynamic yoga.
The practice of vinyasa flow deals with the execution of traditional yoga positions connected to each other through the breath and the fluid movement of the body.
This practice is a creative form of Hatha Yoga that combines the principles of Ashtanga and Iyengar alignments.

Yoga aligns the body and increases strength, energy and flexibility.

The practice, through the continuous flow of asana structured on the balanced alignment of the parts of the body, allows the achievement of a high degree of mental concentration. Yoga tones internal organs, strengthens ligaments and tendons and corrects spinal misalignments.
Thanks to the practices, breathing techniques are developed to purify the body and spirit.

The sequences are always different and develop through postures linked to each other through movements synchronized with the breath.

Practices are available based on levels and it is suitable for everyone, both for those who have never practiced and for the more experienced.
The practices are mainly based in Milan offering suggestive locations in different areas.
The calendar is continuously updated and the scheduling comes out approximately every two weeks.

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