Monthly subscription for € 25.00

By subscribing to the € 25.00 per month subscription you can practice Live Online and you will also have access to the entire Video Library with practices suitable for all levels, even for those who have never practiced yoga.

The monthly subscription is automatically renewed every 30 days starting from the day of purchase.
This means that each month the subscription installment will be withdrawn directly from the payment method indicated at the time of purchase. The subscription can still be interrupted at any time.
Just send an email with the request to

Registration does not expire! After 365 days it will then be renewed automatically.
As long as your paid membership is active, you will always have access to all available lessons.At least 4 new practice videos are always waiting for you every week.


Yoga Live Online Practices

Every day you can find Live practices online, check the calendar and let’s practice together even in different places in the world!
Share the energy of the practice and let yourself be observed in the movements. We synchronize our thinking and breathing to flow together within our deepest emotions.

Live online practice takes place through Zoom and adjusts according to the level of people connected during the practice. Share your Live Video while you practice so I can give you specific indications and corrections to improve your Asanas.
Live practice creates a very strong bond that allows you to maintain active and constant attention to the practice.

Make sure you have a good connection and that’s it!

Registration and cancellation are allowed within 30 minutes from the start of the Practice.


Types of classes:

Live Vinyasa Flow – base: suitable for everyone, even those who have never practiced yoga.
Live Vinyasa Flow – multilevel: I accompany you within the practice by letting you experience different levels of intensity in the evolution of the positions. Experiment with the asanas by advancing gradually and listening to your body accompanying the movement with an increasingly conscious breathing.
Live Yoga wheelbase: we use the support of the wheel, an object that accompanies the evolution of your practice.
We tone and lead our shoulders and spine to an assisted lengthening thanks to the use of these props.
The basic practice is suitable for all levels, even for those who have never used this tool.
Live Yoga wheelmultilevel: we use the support of the wheel to discover new paths a little more advanced. The multilevel practice is suitable for those who want to experiment and evolve in inversions, in the flexibility of the spine and in strengthening our core.
Live yin yoga and meditation: it is a slow, soft, less physical and more introspective practice. It is suitable for all levels even for those who are curious about mindfulness and have never practiced it before. I develop the practice with pranayama techniques (breathing techniques), which help us to fully listen to our body and free the mind from the patterns. You will develop the ability to always return to your safe place, in complete contact with yourself.

Create your own routine, the time you dedicate to yoga is the time you give to yourself.


Live cards and subscriptions:

The cards are credit-based, with no expiry date.
One credit is equivalent to one access and allows you to make a Live Online practice.


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