27th MARCH - 01st APRIL

Spirit Unleashed

27th MARCH - 01st APRIL

Forrest Yoga - Yoga Retreat con crediti YACEP o CEP

Forrest Yoga is a type of yoga that helps to heal injuries, traumas, and emotional wounds. This style of yoga, created by Ana Forrest, dissolves emotional blocks, fluidizes the body and transforms toxins into luminous energy. This practice is inclusive to all participants, it is not necessary to be a constant yoga teacher or practitioner. Within the practice there is a variant position for all levels. In this Retreat you will be invited to find the part of the body where your emotions reside and bring your breath there. This practice helps to alleviate and cure the ailments that are the expression of our time and take up residence in the physical body: Forrest Yoga does not encourage us to transcend reality, on the contrary it wants the spirit to return to reside in our body. The goal is to create a sense of connection with one’s spirit and strengthen courage and self-esteem, bringing the gifts offered by the practice beyond the mat into everyday life.

Ambra says “Forrest yoga completely transformed the way I practice and teach!”

If you are a Yoga teacher, this Retreat is valid for obtaining YACEP or CEP Credits.

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Ambra Vallo

Ambra Vallo is a former Prima Ballerina Etoile of the Birmingham Royal Ballet. Retiring from dance allowed her to focus on her passion and undertake training in Ashtanga Vinyasa (500 hours), Dharma Yoga (800 hours), Rocket Yoga (500 hours), Forrest Yoga (200 hours and Advance TT), Trypsichore (200 hours), and Gokul Vinyasa Yoga (300 hours). In recent years you have traveled extensively, teaching workshops throughout Europe and are still a mentor on multiple teacher training courses.

Lead Trainer (E-RYT 1500) and Advanced Teacher Courses, Yoga Instructor for Aston Villa and Manchester City Football Club. Through his fun and spontaneous approach, he allows all his students to develop not only their physical practice of Asana, but also interest in the history and philosophy of Yoga.

Ambra will also bring Forrest Yoga practices to this Retreat, which will be accompanied by practices carried out by me, such as Vinyasa Yoga and Sound Healing.

Giada Campanella

I’m Giada Campanella and I teach Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama, Sound Healing and much more. I inspire you to connect body, breath and movement to the rhythm of your life! For me Yoga is a lifestyle, it is choosing to be part of nature and respecting it. Through the movements, I am able to share my person by working deep within each individual practitioner and developing his or her most beautiful energy. Start the journey inside your body now, experiment with yoga practice and controlled movements, abandon yourself through meditation: you will learn to connect to your true “self” to face life with a sense of gratitude and awareness. Yoga could really change your life as it changed it for me. During practice you will find new ideas for reflectionsharing and growth.

What is included

  • YACEP recognition for Yoga teachers
  • Shared room
  • Forrest Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and much more with Ambra Vallo
  • Sound Healing and Yoga Nidra with Giada Campanella
  • Breakfasts and dinners

What it is not included

  • Flights
  • Return transfer from Agadir
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Lunches


899€ – Shared room


Recommended flights

Flights must be purchased directly by Retreat participants based on specific needs. The recommended flight is Ryanair departing from Milan Bergamo to Agadir and lasts approximately 4 hours:

FR 3273: March 27 at 10:05 arriving at 12:40
FR 3274: 01 April at 08.45 arriving at 13.20


Important: anyone with particular dietary needs/problems is asked to notify when registering.

INFO AND RESERVATIONSinfo@giadacampanella.com. (Priority on availability will be given based on the time the email is received).


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