Hello everyone,

Here we are, on the eve of another splendid retreat and finally with a new article from my blog, you have no idea how much I missed writing to you.

First article back and here we are immediately facing a simple, but at the same time deep question. Why should we dive?

The first heartfelt answer might be, why not? Why not test your limits? Why not try something new you’ve never tried before? Why not step out of your comfort zone?

But above all, what the hell got into Giada’s head to unite two worlds so separate and opposites?

Yes that’s right, yoga and free-diving are actually two separate and opposite worlds … or maybe not?

If we stop for a moment and analyze these two disciplines, we can find a lot of points in common that led me to combine them to create our retreat.

One of the cornerstones of apnea lies in the strength of the mind and the calm of the body. Just ask anyone who practices this discipline what are the main objectives to practice it and he will answer you: absence of thoughts, detached calm, clarity of what you are doing, body detachment.

In order to achieve these aims, it is essential to develop a strong capacity of relaxation of the body which, as we know, is the basis of the world of yoga.

This quality is essential for those who dive underwater, as the saving of oxygen is essential for the quality and duration of the dive.

Thus we arrive at the focal point of union of these two worlds: the importance of breathing.

Yoga has always studied the “pranayama” breath. And it is thanks to the knowledge and control of the breath that, once immersed, it becomes possible to maintain apnea for a long time.

Therefore, the deep knowledge of one’s body and the exploration of it in relation to a strong mind are the reasons for the meeting of these two disciplines, certainly different, but in harmony with each other.

Now I know you are wondering: ok Giada we understand why you decided to create this retreat, but you haven’t answered the main question yet! You are right… Why should we dive?

In life we ​​often find ourselves faced with similar questions that may seem trivial with obvious answers, but often this is not the case and we find ourselves puzzling about why to do something or why not.

As for me, water is my element. In the water I am at peace with myself, in the water I feel cradled and pampered, I float and I am serene.

Here, perhaps for me the answer is right there, serenity. Mental serenity, physical serenity, 360 degree serenity, but this is me.

Each of us lives our own experiences and perceives stimuli in a different and totally subjective way so, in the end, it is impossible for me to answer, indeed perhaps at this point it is more I who ask you:

Why should we dive?