Ancient sages from the lineage of Shaiva Tantra, recognized that a pulsing energy, which they called spanda, is at the heart of all phenomena. They also believed that these vibrating pulses of conscious energy, have an emotional flavour which is bliss . This pulse is considered the form that Shakti, the feminine aspect of god, takes when she whirls out of the enduring, timeless field of consciousness, Shiva (the masculine aspect of god), and dances it into different temporary structures and creations; atoms, stars, planets, life, us. The Universe is therefore essentially an ecstatic dance of the goddess. If we can unravel the temporal form of stuff, the fiber at its heart, is a pulse of quivering love. ‘Spanda is the pulsation of the ecstasy of Divine Consciousness’ Abhinavagupta
The recognition that Shakti is at the heart of all, that we are just blissfully pulsing packets of Spanda, allows for a more inclusive attitude to our minds, to ourselves, to creating and living in this life. Everything is sacred at some level, spun from the fiber of consciousness. Everything can be used as path back to the arms of the Divine. Every arising in your field of awareness, in your life, can ultimately be unraveled back to this pulse of bliss. ‘Satchitananada’ is a Sanskrit term that states this-‘Sat’ ultimate reality/truth of ‘Chit’ consciousness is ‘Ananda’ Bliss.

“Se vuoi trovare i segreti dell’universo, pensa in termini di energia, frequenza e vibrazioni.” Nikola Tesla.